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August 20, 2014 / keeponspinning

An answer to our prayers, and some prayers for others

Hello dear readers. These updates came from Facebook. They are slightly edited, versus pasted verbatim, so as to make more sense in the KeepOnSpinning blog. Mainly they are edited for time references. – Ann Onymous

Answer to prayers for Danny:
Answer to prayer. Danny starts middle school… as in “go to school, real school, middle school”, on Monday (8/25). And with less than a week to go, only three days notice after we discovered that we were about to have a chair emergency, we got a fabulous exactly-sized-for-Danny super-powered vehicle delivered by the kindest craftsman…. In much better shape than we could have dreamed it would be, since it’s a used chair.
Isn’t it a work of BEAUTY?!

About prayers for others, including praying while knitting socks:
So much news, I really need to do a real blog post. (versus an Ann O FB->KOS blog post. :-) Ann) It was my friend Tricia Morris’s birthday yesterday (8/19), and she and I cooked up one pair of socks to auction for Colleen Novit’s adoptions and then there’s another pair, just like the ones I made for my aunt Nancy Mclellan and my sister Jane Sweeney Ghosh, as a fundraiser for another adoption. So many people have been asking about socks since Ann Voskamp’s post about them on August 18… so there will be two pair up on ebay as soon as my laptop cooperates…

I had an appointment with the cardio-oncologist on  8/19. My cancer news is beyond depressing, so we’ll wait until another day to talk about that…. so let’s think about socks. Here are the two pair going on ebay…. both wool, women’s large, knit with prayer and so much love… I’ll post a link as soon as the auctions are up, I promise.

(Two MORE works of art, in Ann O’s opinion.)


(Dear reader, Bookmark this link to any and all of dear ESD’s eBay items. Ann O.)

August 9, 2014 / keeponspinning

quick trip to Atlanta – Just Plain Fun

Elizabeth, Dixon, and some of the kids drove to Atlanta for some fun! – Ann O


The Aquarium and LegoLand:

August 1, 2014 / keeponspinning

Tommy has gone HOME

Good Morning, friends. In case you haven’t heard, my sock-sister Susanna lost her son, Tommy, yesterday in a tragic accidental drowning.


We talked last night for a long time, and her grief is unimaginable. I asked her to think, when she was ready, to decide what she would like us all to do in Tommy’s memory. This morning she told me that she would like donations in his honor to go to The Pleven Project.

She has another favor, although details aren’t available yet… There is a little girl named Tiya on Reece’s Rainbow who has a family assembling papers to commit to her… she wants us all to get ready to rally around that family and support them, since she had been planning on blogging and fundraising for them.

I will forward any comments left here to her. She plans to step away from blogging for a while, but if you’re not familiar with her story, you can catch up at

Donations in Tommy’s memory to

July 29, 2014 / keeponspinning

Updates from the trip to Michigan

From July 26 at Cekola’s Pizza (JAC’s)


From July 26 at Round 3…. Class Reunion… Hackett Class of 1984.


From Monday, 7/28 – Ann O
Elizabeth writes:

At LaGuardia airport, waiting to fly back to Charlotte after a wonderful weekend in Kalamazoo. This airport is amazing, the people with the wheelchairs who zoom you from one gate to the other are very fast and very nice, and each seat at the gate has an ipad.





But I miss my babies… spent lots of time with my parents going through old photos, here are a few of my favorites








Welcome home, ESD! I hope Tuesday wasn’t terribly rough with all that chemo. Much love from the Ann/Anne O team.

July 26, 2014 / keeponspinning

The Music Man!

Elizabeth is In Michigan and did indeed watch her dad, Patrick Sweeney, in the opening performance of The Music Man!

July 25, 2014 / keeponspinning

on the way to Michigan

Fri 7/25 – ESD is on the flight to Michigan as I post this update from FB for you. So TONIGHT is the show! – Ann O


Thurs – 7/24/2014

I am flying to Michigan tomorrow. Really, truly. I made my reservations a couple of days ago (and got trip insurance) but I wan’t sure until tonight that it was for sure going to work out. Tomorrow night I get to see my dad ( Patrick Sweeney) in the opening night of Music Man, and then Saturday night I am going to my 30th high school reunion. I return Monday just in time for one of those “so much chemo I have to go to two different infusion centers to get it all” days on Tuesday…. I’m a little worried about going into a chemo week being exhausted from such weekend adventures, but I think it will be worth it, 100 %.



July 18, 2014 / keeponspinning

Leadership and All-Around AWESOMENESS

With Awesome Sauce on top! Who? Danny, of course! – Ann O.

I took the afternoon off from working on my Zometa / Novartis Oncology project to go with one of Danny’s nurses to his violin concert this afternoon. I may or may not get around to putting video up…. it was fabulous, so I hope I find the energy.

You know, not that long ago, Dixon and I truly thought that it would be a miracle if Danny could play Twinkle all by himself… heck,it took a miracle for him to be able to sit up AND hold his violin AND hold his bow all at the same time. So to be able to watch as he and his friends played Irish fiddle tunes, some jazz, and Humoresque and the First Seitz ….. what a gift.

awesomenessThis is why I need to keep on with this whole chemo thing… to have more amazing moments like today with my family Jessica Stephenson Taylor, Judy Meister, Laurel Talley, Nan Freeman I am so grateful.


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