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October 21, 2014 / keeponspinning

News from Brian, especially for those in the Charlotte area

Elizabeth was busy on Facebook today. ūüėÉ – Ann O

After a weekend of master classes, Brian will be playing with the¬†Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival¬†in their performance at St. Ann’s Gaudium Musicae concert series this Sunday at 5 PM. Tickets will be available at the door or online here :




October 21, 2014 / keeponspinning

Photo Call – a Sock Contest

from Facebook – Ann O

Photo Call! You know those hand-made-with-so-many-prayers-and-so-much-love socks I make? Did you know that there are people who have them and DON’T wear them??? So here’s the deal. I have chemo today and tomorrow, and let’s just say I am NOT thriving. Meanwhile, I went through the socks I have been working on all year for Christmas, and I have three pair without a specific recipient. I guess I could put them on ebay but I desperately need this distraction today, from the chemo and the stress and feeling so darn bad. I will put up photos of these three pairs later, right now George is sleeping in the room with the socks, and waking him up would be unwise. So. Three pair of socks, one each, size small (womens 4 to 7) medium (womens 6 to 8) and large (womens 8 to 10) …. The winner of this photo contest will be able to choose (after also seeing the photos) from these three pair.¬†

How do you get to be that person who gets first pick of these socks? The winner is the person who posts a photo of the MOST WORN OUT hand-made-by-Elizabeth prayer socks. If you only have one remaining of the pair, that’s fine, post a picture. If it’s obvious from the photo that you made holes on purpose to win, you won’t win. I KNOW what real worn out socks look like. Alternative to posting a photo would be telling the story of your very old or very worn out socks. Stories are great on days like today. So post on my wall, or email me a photo (or story) and I will put it up on FB. (If it’s not OK to put on FB let me know.¬†

What about the other two pair? Those are for a little project I want us to do together over the next few days of chemo-misery. I want to use them to join all our pennies together to make a REAL donation to¬†Maya Rowencak‘s non-profit called Maya’s Hope. Details about that in the post with the sock photos.¬†

So if I have knit you socks, and if you’ve worn them, and it shows, post a photo. Or a story. Oldest most worn socks win your choice of a brand new pair.

¬†A few hours later came an update with photos, when George was no longer sleeping. :-) — Ann O

Size Small –¬†they are a little less washed out looking in real life.


Medium socks…. NOT a perfect knitting job, there are a few skipped stitches here and there. But the colors are gorgeous for fall, and the wool is super soft.



Large socks.


October 21, 2014 / keeponspinning


From Facebook – Ann O

This neurosurgery resident has a lot of wisdom about the whole cancer concept… which is probably good since he has stage 4 lung cancer himself. It’s definitely a process thing.

‚ÄúStop skipping dessert:‚ÄĚ A Stanford neurosurgeon and cancer patient discusses facing terminal…

When Paul Kalanithi, MD, a chief resident in neurological surgery at Stanford, was diagnosed at age 36 with stage IV lung cancer he struggled to learn how to
October 18, 2014 / keeponspinning

Jane is coming! and…

from Facebook – Ann O


Just in case you were wondering, my sister¬†Jane Sweeney Ghosh¬†will be here from England in four days. Thank God. I have missed her so much…. and what else…. let’s see, Brian has his symphony seating audition. Finalizing all arrangements for Danny to go camping AND to Washington D.C. with his porta-PICU and¬†Patrick Sweeney¬†and his RN right when Dixon goes back to work…. and I am somehow supposed to have chemo twice more between now and when her plane touches down. Not sure I’m up for all this….

October 15, 2014 / keeponspinning

Seeing the Onco-Dude on Wednesday, 10/15/14

from Facebook – Ann O


On the way to an appointment with onco-dude MD and then infusion chemo to follow. Then this afternoon george sees ENT, there has been blood dripping out of his ear (the one he’s had 8 surgeries on already) since last night. Dixon worked all night last night, one of his partners had a new baby… good reason to get called in but still, he’s awfully tired. It’s been a long day already. Maybe that’s good…. is there such a thing as being too exhausted to be anxious???

October 13, 2014 / keeponspinning

a “lactivism” cartoon is more fun than cancer, of course

Today is metastatic breast cancer day. I have avoided the whole “pink-tober” concept for various reasons, including having great intentions to devote some time to down syndrome issues, also an October thing. I have committed to several friends to blog about some early reading techniques and down syndrome, but threw myself entirely into just being present with my children this weekend instead. In my attempt to avoid panic and anxiety about my upcoming infusion day on Wednesday, rather than thinking about metastatic breast cancer on metastatic breast cancer day I have decided to think about this comic strip instead¬†

(From Facebook – Ann O)

October 10, 2014 / keeponspinning


I was tempted to tell them to just forget about it, stay at school, take it easy. One has a big biopharmaceutical cloning lab exam Tuesday. Another has been dealing with the auto repair shop and a car with a power steering recall and needing all sorts of new brake things… the car isn’t even done yet and he has to be back in Chapel Hill tomorrow evening.¬†

But the chance to have 100 % of my babies at home under my roof tonight… no matter how late they get in…. PLUS there are some little brothers who are so excited to see them… AND the Saint Ann’s parish carnival is tomorrow (in my opinion, second most exciting day in the liturgical calendar after First Holy Communion) I resisted temptation and told them to hurry home, I miss them so much.¬†

Poor Brian has the SAT’s tomorrow (to apply for NCSSM) and drivers ed, so he can’t stay up late to wait for them and will miss most of the carnival…. But still, even if they’re not all awake at the same time and even if I don’t get any pictures of everybody together, I will know they’re all here with me. I’ve needed this to happen for a long time.


(from Facebook – Ann O)


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